Full Service Management

Full service management offered by the Equity Growth Group Management team is designed for the owner or investor(s) who desires limited involvement in the day to day management of a commercial property. All of the services described below are included in the full service management plan. With our professional management team assuming full responsibility for a property, an owner or investor(s) can be confident the asset is receiving the attention required to minimize costs and maximize return. Our management philosophy is simple. We approach each assignment as if we are the owner. It is this kind of aggressive thinking that leads directly to achieving our purpose as mangers: namely to maximize your return and minimize your time commitment.
COMPLETE BOOKKEEPING Our management team uses SKYLINE Property Management computer software to prepare timely cash-basis bookkeeping reports. Each month our client will receive concise income and expense statements with year-to-date comparison, account receivable and payable reports, and a statement of cash flow. Our system offers a wide range of reporting capabilities with the flexibility to establish the accounts and the reports required.
BUDGETING: At the end of each calendar year, the management team will establish an operating budget for the property for the upcoming year. The budget will consider expected gross revenues generated from the property and the anticipated expenses to be paid during the year. This budget will be the guide by which the property's performance is measured compared to the stated objectives of the client.
LEASE ANALYSIS: We conduct an in-depth lease evaluation to compare existing lease terms with every changing market condition. The lease analysis will detail all lease terms such as base rents, tenant reimbursements, options to extend, notification dates, insurance requirements, repair responsibilities and all other significant lease data. This evaluation better prepares us to negotiate leases when renewals occur and to enhance the overall value of the asset.
TENANT RELATIONS: The management team will personally visit each tenant to introduce Equity Growth Group Management. We will review the terms and conditions of each lease with each tenant to confirm a mutual understanding of the agreement. Each tenant will be informed to communicate any questions to the attention of the property managers. Every three months, the property managers will personally visit each tenant to encourage a positive relationship and assess tenant attitudes toward the property and the management service
EMERGENCY RESPONSE: Often emergencies arise that require immediate attention.  Day or night, our property managers are on call to respond to those situations. Our full-time managers keep regular office hours and each tenant will be given a 24 hour emergency phone number to call in the event of an after hour emergency. With our volume relationships with vendors, we can provide prompt attention to an emergency in order to protect the property and minimize damage.
MANAGEMENT OF CONTRACTUAL SERVICES: Property upkeep is essential for assuring strong occupancy levels and overall property performance. Each year our property managers solicit bids from qualified vendors who perform such duties as lawn care, snow removal, trash removal, janitorial and other general maintenance services. We oversee the quality of work contracted for and pass on our savings to our clients which result from volume relationships to make sure our client receives the lowest possible price for such necessary services.
MAINTENANCE INSPECTIONS: By using our trained professionals, your property will receive continuous maintenance inspections required to preserve the asset. Such inspections are necessary to avoid costly emergency repairs and to budget accordingly for capital improvements. Deferred maintenance will eventually lead to a decline in occupancy levels and decay of cash flow. It is critical that minor maintenance problems be corrected immediately and that more significant maintenance items are prioritized and repaired at the appropriate time.
CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT: Our management team is knowledgeable in commercial construction. Whether making capital improvements or remodeling for tenants, we can provide valuable assistance throughout the entire project. From the planning stage to soliciting bids to supervising the construction, we aid our clients in the necessary steps to complete the construction process cost effectively and on schedule.
LEASING & LEASE RENEWAL: Quality tenants are the lifeblood of any income producing property. The leasing professionals at Equity Growth Group Management stay on top of current market conditions including lease rates, expense charges, vacancy rates and lease expirations to name a few. With such knowledge, we can strategically plan how to most effectively market vacancies and to negotiate lease renewals. Our ultimate goal is to achieve 100% occupancy with quality tenants and a proper tenant mix to provide a stable income stream from the property.